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Twist and turn to find your way through a LOOPical labyrinth. Draw a closed loop that goes through EVERY empty square just once. 12 chapters - 108 all-new puzzles. Solve all the puzzles in a chapter to reveal a mystery photo and quote.
Graduated difficulty.
Only 99 cents!

LOOPical Pro
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Want more LOOPical? LOOPical Pro has 24 mystery chapters - 216 puzzles. Mystery photos show off our LOOPical earth. Graduated difficulty - medium to extreme. Only $1.99.

LOOPical for Windows PC

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Follow simple clues to make a loop that visits every square on the board. Each puzzle reveals a part of the mystery picture. Reveal all the puzzle pieces, then rearrange them to find the mystery picture. LOOPical for Windows PC includes 136 Mystery Puzzlepacks, unlimited puzzles, and 4 difficulty levels, plus an extensive Hint system.

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