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PathPix Max ~ Zen ~ Art ~ Joy ~ Thanks

Alice ~ Edge ~ PathPix ~ Pro ~ Time

PathPix Magic ~ Laugh ~ Xmas ~ Boo ~ Love

Play PathPix!

Draw bright, bold lines of color to make paths connecting pairs of colored numbers. Complete the puzzle to see the miniature picture that you have created.

PathPix Hex

PathPix Hex is PathPix on a hex grid. Warning: twisty paths make for tricky puzzles! Even the most experienced PathPix puzzlers will find many challenges here.

SpellPix ~ SpellPix Xmas


SpellPix introduces a totally new concept in word puzzles. Draw bright, bold lines of color as you make word paths connecting letters in the grid.

PrismaPix Gold


Solve colorful multi-layer puzzles using mine sweeper logic with a twist, and find the hidden photo.

LOOPical ~ LOOPical Pro


Follow simple clues to make a loop that visits every square on the board.

Many Moons

Many Moons is an original brain game, a matching game with super simple rules and challenging puzzles. Many moons make ONE moon. Use lunar logic! Merge matching moonlets until there is only one moon left, and watch the moon rise.


A totally new sliding-tile 3D color-matching game. Tiles disappear when they touch other tiles of the same color. You slide tiles to set off chain reactions rippling across the board -- and then more fall down. Your challenge is to get rid of all the tiles. Good luck!

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