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SlitherQuest screenshot
screenshot from a SlitherQuest puzzle in progress

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SlitherQuest is for logic puzzle lovers.

It's easy to learn to play SlitherQuest!
  • A number in a cell is a clue that tells you how many path lines are drawn around it.
  • There's 1 path line next to a 1, 2 path lines next to a 2, and 3 path lines next to a 3. There are no path lines around a 0.
  • It's up to you to figure out how many path lines to draw around a cell without a number.
  • The path is continuous and it does not intersect itself. There are no Xs or Ts.
  • When finished, the path forms a closed loop, or, if there are arrows present, the path connects the two arrows.
  • SlitherQuest puzzles are variations on the classic pencil and paper puzzle game, SlitherLink.

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Click below to download the FREE demo version. It includes the entire first chapter of the quest, 'Intro: Eyes', and it has all the playing features of the registered version.

SlitherQuest screenshot
screenshot from one level of a SlitherQuest maze

SlitherQuest screenshot
the win screen from a SlitherQuest path puzzle

Logic Quests

Dragonseekers wanted!

In recent years there have been a lot of rumors floating around about these old underground passages. They lead to caves deep within the earth, and some people say that there are DRAGONS down there.

The SlitherQuest Expedition was formed to find out the truth of the matter. We are hoping that YOU will volunteer to help out.

You will need to keep your wits about you while you search for any signs of dragons. Bones, scales, footprints - anything you find will be helpful. If you find something interesting, you will need to bring it back to the lab for analysis.

If you decide to help out, please be careful, and don't get lost! We already have a few cavers who have gone missing. You'll need all the logic skills that you possess when you enter the Slither Quest caves!

Unique Quests
  • Every quest is different from every other quest.
  • Make each quest as long or as hard as you like.
  • Only you will ever follow that path, so it's all up to you.
  • One main story in 6 chapters, plus 15 different MiniQuest goals.
  • Different every time you play.

Three puzzle playgrounds

  • SlitherLoop is full of classic loop puzzles.
  • SlitherPath is full of new path-style puzzles.
  • SlitherPix contains puzzles with embedded pictures.
  • Pick from 11 sizes (6x6 to 16x24) and 6 difficulty levels (Quick, Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert, and Master). SlitherQuest will create unique puzzles just for you.

SQ Giant

  • Giant-sized puzzles are 30x40
  • Looking for a special challenge? This is it!
  • 25 different puzzles in each of 6 difficulty levels
  • 150 giant puzzles total

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