A Prismatic Playground for the Mind
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PrismaPix is a picture-forming puzzle game.

It's easy to learn to play PrismaPix!
  • Multi-layer puzzles.
  • Simple rules make beautiful pictures.
  • Minesweeper logic with a twist - or two!
  • All you need to know is how to count to 9.

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PrismaPix puzzle screenshots
screenshots from a PrismaPix game in progress

Try it now!

Click below to download the FREE demo version, with 25 beautiful puzzles and all the playing features of the registered version.

PrismaPix Pleasures

1500 Puzzles!!!

Each puzzle becomes a beautiful and interesting full-color photo when solved. Surprise photos, mostly taken by puzzle solvers worldwide, reveal:

  • all different
  • pets & people
  • castles & caves
  • water & flowers
  • wild animals & birds
  • cities & sunsets
  • much much more


  • 100 small puzzles perfect for kids and beginners
  • 100 puzzles based on amazingly beautiful fractal art
  • 50 Megapuzzles, extra large puzzles for those who want an even greater challenge.

3 Difficulty Levels

Pick the challenge that is right for you. Every puzzle can be played on Easy, Medium, or Hard. Or play all three levels for the complete PrismaPix experience.

  • Easy puzzles will warm up your brain.
  • Medium level puzzles use slightly more complicated logic.
  • Hard puzzles put your thinking cap to the test.

Many Special Features

Bounce from layer to layer as you solve, zoom in and out, scroll the playing field on large puzzles, get hints, let autocomplete surprise you, check your work as you go or live on the brink as you play in sudden death mode.

60 different full-color backdrops make solving more fun. A fortune cookie quote and a beautiful photograph reward each correct solution.

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Get the full registered version of PrismaPix with 1500 beautiful picture puzzles in 60 puzzlepacks.

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