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MixAPix screenshot
screenshot from a MixAPix "Stretch" puzzle in progress

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MixAPix is the ultimate picture puzzle game.

It's easy to learn to play MixAPix!
  • Exchange any two pieces on the board.
  • The line between two pieces will disappear if those two pieces are next to each other in the solved puzzle.
  • Joined pieces move as a group.
  • Continue until all the pieces are in place.
  • Nine variations: Mosaic, Window, Triangle, Stretch, Turn, Blackout, Quote, Hot-Cold, Arrows. It's like getting 9 games in 1.
  • Eleven different sizes, from "Small Fry" to "Titanic".
  • Reveal a surprise picture as you play.

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MixAPix screenshot
screenshot from a MixAPix "Turn" puzzle in progress

MixAPix screenshot
screenshot from a MixAPix "Arrows" puzzle in progress

MixAPix screenshot
screenshot from a MixAPix "Quote" puzzle in progress

Mix It Up

9 games in 1!

Mosaic: The picture is divided into squares, and the squares are mixed up. Click on any two squares to swap them, and keep clicking until all the pieces are in the right place.

Window: Squares are cut out of the picture, like windows in a frame, and then mixed up. This is the easiest variation.

Quote: The letters of a famous quotation are displayed over the picture squares. Use the quote letters and the picture together to help you solve the puzzle.

Triangle: The picture is divided into triangles and the triangles are mixed up. If a triangle is swapped with a triangle in the opposite orientation, the picture gets flipped over.

Stretch: The picture is divided into rectangles of all different shapes and sizes. When pieces are swapped the picture is stretched to fit the new location.

Turn: The picture is divided into rectangles of different sizes. You can only swap two pieces if they are the same size and shape. If a piece gets turned on end, the picture gets turned too.

Blackout: Some of the squares are covered with a black screen. Any piece that you put in that square is hidden. To remove the blackout screen you need to find the right piece to go in that square AND all 8 of the surrounding squares.

Hot-Cold: Each square that is not in the right place has a number on it. This is the number of squares between the current square and the correct square, and the colors of the numbers get "warmer" as the square gets closer to the right location.

Arrows: You can't see the picture on a square at all unless it is within 1 square of the correct location. Instead of the picture it displays an arrow showing the general direction in which that piece needs to move.

A MixAPix Album
  • Unlimited puzzles.
  • Pick your favorite variation(s).
  • 11 sizes to choose from
  • 200 surprise photos

Make your own puzzles!

  • My MixAPix and My Album(s) are special places for you to make puzzles based on your own favorite photos
  • Pick a size and difficulty level. MixAPix will create unique puzzles just for you.

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