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LunaPix is a picture-forming puzzle game.

It's easy to learn to play LunaPix!
  • Place lights to light up all the dark squares.
  • Clues tell you how many lights surround the clue squares.
  • Lights can't shine on one another.
  • Logic puzzles, each with a unique solution.
  • Do you like Light Up? Akari? You will LOVE LunaPix!

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PrismaPix puzzle screenshots
screenshot from a LunaPix game in progress

Try it now!

Click below to download the free demo version, with 25 beautiful puzzles and all the playing features of the registered version.

LunaPix screenshot

LunaPix screenshot - Starlight puzzle - Trees display option

LunaPix Luxuries

50 LunaPacks!!!

Each LunaPack includes 27 puzzles, Easy, Medium, and Hard, based on 9 pictures that are related, in some way, (sometimes funny, sometimes punny) to a stated theme:

  • Antique
  • Chocolate
  • Doorways
  • Feline
  • Silver
  • Soft
  • 44 more

LunaPix includes photos from 75 different countries plus outer space! See the FAQ page for a complete list.

2 GiantPacks

  • HUGE puzzles - approximately 2000 squares in each one
  • 27 puzzles in each pack - all 3 difficulty levels, all 3 puzzle types represented.
  • Challenge yourself to solve them all!

3 Playgrounds

These are special puzzle packs that make 3 different types of LunaPix puzzles for you forever, according to your size and difficulty preference.

  • 'Moonbeams' - in this playground, lights shine up, down, left, and right.
  • 'Reflection' - like Moonbeams, but lights also bounce off reflectors.
  • 'Starlight' - lights shine in 8 directions, horizontally, vertically, and diagonally.

Trial Mode

Try out your solving ideas on the board. Initial move is marked, so you can look for contradictions. Just turn it off when you are done.

Buy LunaPix

Get the full registered version of LunaPix with 50 LunaPacks, 2 GiantPacks, and 3 Playgrounds that make new puzzles forever.

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